Spring Clean your Business Now

and watch your life flourish in the next few months

Spring Clean your business

Hello, my friend!

What a great time of the year to reorganize our lives, get ready for another cycle and enjoy the beauty of everything around us…
Like the flowers, we all bloom a little bit more every year during spring, with our hopes renewed, our hearts warmed and our energy starting to recharge.

Most of us have a Spring Cleaning Ritual in our family, in our home and even in our offices, but what about our businesses? How do we use this energy to our benefit and spring clean our business?

TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR WEBSITE – yes, go ahead, do it now and you’ll be surprised.

1. We start by getting rid of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore.
It’s impressive how we can accumulate things we don’t need. This can be happening in your website, in your newsletter templates, in your logo, business cards, everywhere.
Remove everything you don’t need. That can be icons, logos, illustrations, pictures… clean clean clean – less is more, in this case, my friends. Your don’t want anything leading to false ideas about your business.

2. What about Style? Re-evaluation is the key…
Somethings can still do the job, but it’s their look that is the problem. How many times have you wanted to get rid of an old piece of clothing but you kept them ‘just in case’. You can do that in your closet (even though you shouldn’t), but never on your website. I know the old form vs. function debate is still a big hit, but you have to consider this: everything that looks dated on your website raises some sort of suspicion. People will either suspect you are not doing well in your business, or just starting and therefore not experienced enough, or even worse, they might think you are going out of business.

3. Prepare for the next season!
We are not the only ones waking up from a long wintery night, your costumers are too! Everyone is excited with the new beginning and people are more open to buy from you now! Everybody is excited, relaxed and thinking it’s time to invest and make some money!  In a few months we’ll get to the higher selling season of the year, costumers will be searching for you online, looking for someone to hire – maybe someone with the exact same offers that you have. Will they find you? And if they do, what will they see?

Take a look at your website and ask yourself: Is this really a true representation of me in my fullest potential right now? Am I still the person I was when I got this Brand done? Has my business changed? Has my focus changed? Did I outgrow my website in the past few months?

Hint: Everyone will need a branding update at least once every 3 years. Because, as you know, we are all constantly evolving and our brands have to keep up.


Our business are
BEAUTIFUL LIVING THINGS, always evolving with us.

As all living things, your business needs constant nurturing and care to stay alive in a state of health, beauty and abundance. 


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