Secret branding – The story behind the logo: Renata Iguchi

When we started working with with Renata, she was in a very special moment of her life. She was making the leap leaving her full-time job to focus on her passion, lifestyle photography. Renata had been an engineer for many years, but her soul have had always felt lighter than this, brighter then this.

There is always so much more behind a logo then the eyes can see…

This is the secret story of Renata’s Logo

When we started our Identity Sessions, there was this strong connection with France. She would mention Paris, her inspiration boards would show images of provence and Eiffel towers, but we couldn’t picture the essence of this connection. She had also mentioned that she wanted her brand to have either a bike or a hot air ballon.

So we had this three things to connect: France (and whatever that was really representing for her), bike/ballon (and again, we had to find what was the meaning of this) and Renata herself.

Those were the things we needed to connect, to unveil, to discover…

The fact was that she had gone on a trip to France and had a good time. But we didn’t knew what was the feeling behind the facts. I wanted to know why was this trip such a special journey… I wanted to connect her brand with her personality and with the moment she was living now.

It as only on the third one-on-one session that I could grasp the meaning of this place in her psyche.

In a nutshell, this trip to France was a trip where she had awaken her freedom for the first time since her teens. Traveling through France she had not only made one of her dreams come true, but that experience had also open a door for her other dreams to come true, specially the one of making her passion for art into her full-time job.

France was not only Eiffel towers, pastel colours and macaroons, it was the reconnection with her delicacy, her femininity and her ‘wind’.

Also, as branding strategists we have to put our selves in our client’s shoes. Coming from a Japanese family living in Brazil, working in an engineer office dealing with spreadsheets everyday, she was about to become a full-time lifestyle photographer with emphasis in maternity and family photography, what a leap! And what an adventure!

When I asked the feelings she wanted to experience when looking at there brand she didn’t know, but when I asked what memory of her trip she wanted to never let go, she said, the feeling of the wind touching my face…

and BAM! Right away I knew.

That was really it.
This brand was about freedom experienced in the body and mind. It was the reconnection of a young Japanese girl with her dream job, it was a trip to her childhood intentions of becoming a photographer and was only a reconnection with her past. it would promote the peace between past and future, it would be a space between Japan, Brazil and France, where her happiness would always fly high.

It had the power to lift her and take her wherever she needed to go. To her clients, it was a statement of her delicacy and her ability to adapt, to take clients to a place and time that they can only visit through her pictures, a place of peace and atemporal joy.

This is the result: her main logo


See the live website!


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