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there are a few things that I want you to know…
We create online spaces for people
We see the internet as a place rather than a thing. We want you to feel comfortable with your brand and products, so you can focus on your work with joy. We will do everything we can to optimize your workflow and set you free from the least fun part of your work. We want to use our experience in your favour, we want to share our stories with you and we always want to hear from you and about your plans.
We work in a partnership
We will work closely together for at least a couple of months, the focus of our methodology is to take what you know best and mix with what we know best. Some flexibility is required from both parts to allow the best results to come.
We expect you to know your audience, communicate your needs and provide constructive feedback.
Who this might NOT be good for
This might not be good for you if you are looking for the fastest, thoughtless, cheapest solution. This might not be good for you if you don’t know your audience or if you don’t know what your business plan looks like. This might not be good for you if you want to copy someone else (although we think you can be inspired by someone to build your unique brand).