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Carla D’Aqui Photography


Introducing Carla

São Paulo,
Fun, modern and ultra cool, Carla enjoys her time photographing families ad babies. While not working she takes modern dance classes and spend her time with her husband Caio, graphic designer and amateur musician, and Mari, her mom, who also helps her managing her clients. Careful and attentive, Carla is smile, music and peace.
The direction of this project is to showcase this gentleness and coolness in a website that leaves it very clear that the subject might be babies, but her work is modern, contemporary, mature. Cute, but for grown ups.


moodboard projeto identidade visual e site Carla D'Aqui - Le Bear Design

Branding 101 – Unveiling Client’s Identity

As always, we start the project diving deep, getting to know our clients in a meaningful way, to discover their authenticity, their uniqueness. Little by little, we start to really see them, truly, authentic, shiny and unique. Carla is a bright, happy, funky and above all, funny woman, living in the amazing and creative city of São Paulo, Brazil. Here is a little piece of her briefing:

“I want it to be CLEAN above all. I’d love if it could have illustrations, but I really don’t want it to feel childish. No enchanted forest, no dreamy atmosphere, I want it to feel modern, contemporary. The subject is babies, but the website is from adults and to adults. I want to show it is possible to be cute without looking immature.”

Redesigning the logo and the New Visual Identity

In the beginning, Carla wasn’t sure about redesigning her brand. She knew she had one major problem, which was: it was hard to read her name in her logo. She had a strong icon, the small ‘d’, but that was the only thing she was attached to.
During the identity sessions it got clear to us that Carla was ready for a new brand.

The new brand should:

  1. Make it easier to read her name
  2. Showcase her cool, artistic approach to her work
  3. Incorporate her clean and happy personality
  4. Feel more modern
  5. Be striking and stand out
  6. Keep a tie with her old brand

New Brand Guidelines


Before and After: Main Logo


Complementary Logos


Brand Patterns


Project’s Branding

Logo for BabySteps Project


Logo for #Sketchpicproject


Custom handmade icons


Client Portal


The Final Result