Business Workshop for Photographers

Silvia Martins is a Brazilian Photographer with a lot of experience in Business and Marketing. A side from clicking great pictures, she also teaches other photographers how to monetise their passion, attract their ideal clients and run their business with ease.


Visual Identity and Course Material

When we started this project, the main challenge in terms of Visual Identity was to keep it straight and forward to represent the practical aspect of a business course, but counterbalance that with the human, handmade factor of having this very small and intimate courses taught by a another Photographer. The concept created is do mix the traditional business study with the light atmosphere of learning one-on-one, combining the corporate with the human being that runs the business. We went for classic black and white sprinkled with bright yellow, representing the light entering the life of the workshop clientele. Inspiration came from Silvia’s fashion style and home decor. The road image is a way of illustrating the journey we go through when running our businesses, a journey that is long, but can be straight forward and very pleasant, like a trip.




Slide Templates for Keynote


The new Workshop Identity also jumped into the screen! Four slides templates were designed and delivered in both Keynotes and Microsoft power point files.

With the templates it’s possible to use and reuse the slides for each workshop, editing the content for dynamic and focused presentations. The unity presented in the slides also helps participants to focus on content and learning, since it puts them in contact with the same visuals they are working on in paper. Helping them avoid distractions, is a good way of optimising the results of the workshop!


Design and Programming of Mailchimp Exclusive Template


To advertise the workshop and maximize the number of participants, a Mailchimp Newsletter template was designed, coded and uploaded to the client’s account.

Having the template uploaded to her account, the client can send newsletter as many times as she needs, replacing images, texts and links to suit each edition of the workshop. Everything to make it easy to spread the word!


Branding Identity Design Vintage Modern Yellow Gold Black White