Improving costumer experience with HTML email templates

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A few months ago we started an intensive process to improve ou systems and automate parts of our workflow. Today we’d like to share with you how we’ve been enriching our costumer experience while optimizing our communication with our clients with the use of html email templates.


On this post we’d like to share 5 of the html email templates we established in our process. Those 5 emails are not all the ones we installed in our system, but they will do the job to illustrate the improvements our costumers are feeling when receiving confirmations, reminders and important notices. Throughout the process each client is kept in close contact with our team receiving the appropriate feedback from clear, informative, illustrated and easy-going emails 😉

To contextualize the role of each one of those emails on our everyday communication with our clients, we prepared this diagram of a simplified version of our full workflow in a project, from the first consultation to the project launch. In this diagram key project phases are illustrated indicating the moments where the client will receive each one of those emails. Notice how clients are guided by the emails through each step of the process, according to the moment of the project they are living.
Costumer Experience - email-templates - project workflow

Email 1: Formal Proposal

After a free consultation client receives an email letting them know that their custom quote is available at our website. This email is manually sent when our team has the project proposal ready to be accessed by the client.
Email 1 - Proposta de Trabalho pronta

Email 2: Welcome to Le Bear Design!

When clients accepts the Project Proposal in our website. They automatically receive a welcoming email.
Experiência do Cliente - Email templates - email 2  -  boas vindas

Email 3: Content Guide

Once the contract is signed, a content production guide is created for each project. When this Guide is ready, clients received an email to let them know they can now access their content guide online. Notice that we indicate in the red ribbon the deadline for content delivery, that way clients have a clear reminder to help them stay on schedule
Experiência do Cliente - Email templates - email 3 - Guia de Conteúdo

Email 4: Project Launch

(…) many steps later, it’s time to launch the project. When the website goes live, clients will received a personalized thank you email.
Client Experience - Email templates - email 4 - agradecimento

Email 5: Project Completion

With the website live clients will receive another email addressing questions and concerns that might arise after launch. Everything that is stated in the contract is restated in this email and client is also reminded of how to access tech support, how to activate a retainer account and other important infos. This is a support email to be kept for the next few months!
Experiência do Cliente - Email templates - Email 5 - termo oficial de entrega
Those are some of our very helpful emails, that keep us in touch with our clients and help us guide them through the process of working with us. The best part is, most of them are automatically generated, which not only saves us a lot of time and money, but also help us keep a very pleasant professional relationaship with our clients!

And you? Do you have emails helping your workflow?

What could be improved and automated for the benefit of your business and clients?

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