Reconnect with your essence

to clarify your message


It’s been a while that I’ve been wanting to share this quick tip with you and, honestly, it’s good that I haven’t done that yet, because there is no better time for this exercise then the holidays! It’s the perfect time to reconnect with our essence, recharge our batteries, clarify our message and appreciate our achievements of the year.

As entrepreneurs, we wear so many hats in our companies that it’s easy to get caught by the our oh-so-many-daily-tasks and end up loosing clarity of your message, of our purpose. This loss of focus can very often lead to self-doubts, project delays, and the worst entrepreneur’s enemy: confusion.

So to fight that threat and get clear on what is the next authentic step for my companies to take, here is what I do:

Every year, around this time of the year, I try to reconnect with my childhood aspirations, the timing is perfect for that, with family around, memories alive and the holiday’s energy everywhere. This is how it goes:

 Step one: Reconnect 

I try to remember how it felt to dream about the future when I was a kid. The things I wanted to be when market trends were not a thing to me, when ideal income was not on the plate, when being a successful entrepreneur didn’t mean anything yet, what did I want to be? What were my dreams and expectations for my future (this future that I now enact in the present).So, this is what, in my case, represents my dream future as a kid. I wanted to be:

1. an astronaut

2. an actress

3. a polyglot (yes, I know! But at that time, I thought being a polyglot was a job, LOL!)

Step two: Understand

The second part of the exercise is getting back to your child mentality and trying to unveil WHY did you choose to imagine this future for you at that time. For instance, in my case, I wanted to be an astronaut because I wanted to go to space, see the world and to explore the unknown territory. The sense of intelligence, science and adventure was very important to me. Being an actress was another possibility, I wanted to give life to other people’s stories and introduce people to my characters and their lives. The last possibility was to be polyglot, and here I imagined the polyglot’s life was a translator life. I imagined going to distant countries and helping people communicate with each other through my ability to translate their languages.

Step three: Link to present 

Now, the most interesting part is trying to acknowledge the presence of this reasons on your present work an entrepreneur.

For me, as a digital brand strategist, I get to tell people’s stories all the time (not as an actress would, but story telling is a huge part of my job as a brand strategist), I get to introduce people to each other 24/7 (through their brands and websites), I  do translations every single day (I translate businesses into words, words into images, images into code). I speak computer on a daily basis and I have to translate this language into human language back and forth all the time. Not to mention I live on space, cyber space, but still space. I get to explore this unknown territory, to invent new experiments and to make use of latest technologies every day to stay alive at work.

So in the end, this helps clarify your message and understand your reasons. In my case, I am here to share stories, introduce people, translate languages and make communication easy through technology on the cyber space. That is the reason why I became a creative director and digital brand strategist.

ps: This is going to be the fourth year I repeat this exercise and I always find new depths within my self. It’s a great way to reconnect and celebrate, to be sure you are on the right track,authentic and true to yourself.

ps2: This is not a holiday exercise, it can be done whenever you feel like clarifying your message, refocusing your energy, recharging your batteries.

Remember:  This is about reconnection with your unique essence, that thing that differentiate you form your competitors, that thing that motivates you to change things and help people, that thing that makes your joyful. Reconnecting with this can only bring you clarity and joy!


Ready to try? Please let me know how that went!



About the Author

Ana Caiado is the Head Designer and Co-Founder of Le Bear Design. She aims her research on design psychology, collective memory and user perception towards Brand Strategy and that is how she has been helping entrepreneurs in North America, Europe and Brazil express their uniqueness through their authentic brands. For the past 8 years, Ana has been focused on the multiple theoretical and practical aspects of one’s Identity, with academic work at University of São Paulo and Concordia University and client work developed through her two companies BrownSugarBear Design (in Brazil, her homeland) and Le Bear Design (in Canada – her actual home). She is married to the other half of Le Bear Design (Rafael Franciosi – the code man!), she loves all beautiful things and is a mother of 2 furry dogs : )


What about you?

How are your childhood
dreams present on your work?

Leave your comments down bellow and share your experience with us : )


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