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Branding 101 – Revelando a Identidade da Cliente

Antes de começar o projeto nós precisamos descobrir a essência única de cada cliente, o que faz deles diferentes e qual é a essência que vai guiar cada projeto, cada sonho. Pra fazer isso nós começamos cada projeto com conversas individuais descontraídas e amigáveis, geralmente com nossos cafezinhos nas mãos sem timers, sem interrupções. Esse contato próximo é fundamental para aproximar nosso time criativo de nossos clientes. Isso permite que a gente compreenda cada camada da personalidade do cliente, sua história pessoal, sua motivação, seus porquês e seus sonhos!

“Viajar sempre traz alguma coisa boa, eu quero inspirar todo mundo a viajar, seja uma viagem longa ou curta, barata ou cara!”
– Lala Rebelo

A partir das nossas Sessões Individuais de Identidade, nós percebemos que a Lala é uma pessoa super aberta, com gosto sofitsicado, mas ao mesmo tempo, muito pé no chão. Ela realmente queria inspirar as pessoas a viver uma vida diferente, mesmo que fosse só por alguns dias. Em termos de conteúdo, os post dela já eram super detalhados e de grande ajuda para os leitores do blog, com muitas dicas, preços, descrições e muitas, muitas fotos!




We created an Inspiration Board based on Lala’s home, her lifestyle and her travels. We decided to incorporate the modern feel to her Brand. If her website was a home, it would be a modern home on the beach, with concrete walls and straight lines, high ceilings and geometric fabrics. Her home on the web would also show a lot of air, elegance and a touch of glamour.

<< Inspiration Board: a fresh, modern and Clean Beach Getaway


Branding Strategy and Guidelines


Because Lala’s posts are so personal, her content is stamped by her vision, her taste and her quality control. She is sweet enough to take notes al the time during her trips so she can share valuable information with her audience, making sure everyone can follow her steps and go on that same trip later on.


We decided to make that aspect of her workflow the core of her logo.
Her quality control, a quality label, a seal of control, a stamp,
a boarding pass, a ticket to a safe and unique trip.

and ta-da! this is the animated version of her logo


Signature logos for website and email


Iconografia e outros elementos

Post Icons: Identifying main subjects inside each post

We noticed all of her posts had a similar structure, with an Overview of the place, tips on getting there, gastronomic scene and things to see. Because of that we decided to create icons to illustrate and organize the information inside each post. Each icon represent one of the main subjects related to Lala’s travel post.


Visual composition: Image + Overlay + Typography + Icon


Visual templates for additional post information boards

Have you wondered how turquoise is the ocean in a place compared to another place? With the ‘turquoiseometer’ Lala can compare the ocean colour in different beaches 🙂
Everything you need to know to prepare the logistics of your trip 🙂
We also designed a template to help illustrate the best outfit for each place (you know, you don’t want to stay out because you didn’t cover your shoulders, for instance 😉



– Smart header menu: Search by destination, special series, subject or on the map

– Featured Image Banner: Automatically coded design (featured image + overlay + title + subtitle + tagline + icon)

– Four latest posts with featured images

– Interactive Map

– Automatic counters: Posts, Cities, Travels up to date

– Posts by Country/City

– Posts by Special Series (created by the author)

– Posts by Location on the Map (Interactive Map Integration)

– Trilingual Website (English, Spanish and Portuguese)

– Posts divided in subsections linked on header post

– Posts identified by icons on the homepage

– Holidays Calendar Display on the website

– Automatic Currency Conversion on sidebar

– Full Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)

– Search the blog

– Most popular posts to date

– Newsletter Sing up

– Advertisement placeholder

Interactive Map with posts location




The best part

Lala Rebelo
Travel Blogger
Editor at

The difference we made on Lala’s work and life

“I used to travel and get all excited about talking to people about my business and promoting content online, but truly, when I had to handle my business card or show my website, I used to feel really ashamed, and that was slowing me down.
I’d like to reach out to Ana and Rafa to thank you for the difference you made. I am in love with my website, my brand and all! Since the beginning I felt that having chosen you to make this project come through was the right thing to do, I knew it would look amazing and be very functional, I couldn’t be happier! My project is finally born and I feel boosted, ready to write and travel even more! You were fantastic, thank you very much 🙂 “