Spring Clean your Business Now

and watch your life flourish in the next few months

Hello, my friend! What a great time of the year to reorganize our lives, get ready for another cycle and enjoy the beauty of everything around us… Like the flowers, we all bloom a little bit more every year during spring, with our hopes renewed, our hearts warmed and our energy starting to recharge. Most of […]

Beginner’s guide to your website

Understanding the basic elements

When we talk about programming languages, server scalability, page structure, architecture of information, browser compatibility (this list only gets bigger!}… we know, for many people we are speaking bananas! It is hard to understand, and if you don’t that’s fine! Our main objective here is to be as clear as possible with our clients and […]

5 Questions to ask before hiring someone to do your WordPress site

We get WordPress questions all the time, and what’s interesting about WordPress is that there is much much more about it then most people know… so it can be confusing to hire someone to do your website. Aside from all the tech stuff, what code language they use, what are their technique to do SEO, […]

Case Study – Lala Rebelo Travel Blog

Branding 101 – Unveiling Customer’s Identity Before jumping in on the project we want to find out what’s behind each human being, what makes them different then anyone else and what is the essence behind each project, each dream. To do that we start every project with a friendly, warm and free conversation, usually with […]

Reconnect with your essence

to clarify your message

It’s been a while that I’ve been wanting to share this quick tip with you and, honestly, it’s good that I haven’t done that yet, because there is no better time for this exercise then the holidays! It’s the perfect time to reconnect with our essence, recharge our batteries, clarify our message and appreciate our achievements of the year. As entrepreneurs, we […]

Designing your Brand’s Visual Identity

– where to start and what to look for

Today I want to talk about what I call The non-literal Brand Identity. When I think about brand identity, I think of uncountable factors: message, alignment, commitment, values, perception, etc, and the list is huge (actually it gets longer by the minute). And I think it is in this broad spectrum, in this network of […]