...happiness is being able to do the work you love, and prosper...

We are Ana Caiado and Rafael Franciosi (pictures on the right!), we are partners in life and business. For the past 3 years we’ve been helping entrepreneurs all over the world grow authentically, confidently and limitless with exclusive one-on-one programs on Digital Strategy, Branding + Identity, Design + Development all carefully crafted to allow business to evolve to a fruitful, generous and successful stage.

Ana Caiado

design & creativity

Rafael Franciosi

tech & development

if you feel...

That your brand might not reflect you and your unique approach to work, your personality and your professionalism...
You are ready to rock but your website and workflow are not keeping up with your potential...

You spend too much time explaining what you do and how it works to potential clients...

Good news are:

We can put your business on the right track

Working with us

Working with us is a complete branding transformation with game changing results for your life and business.
It is an easy-going online journey of creativity, focus and efficiency, a deep partnership that usually takes between 2 and 12 months. Our process respects your time, your priorities and your business needs.
Our programs cover all your branding needs, including Strategy and Planning, Branding and Visual Identity, Website Design and Development, Print and Stationery, Data Analysis, Reports and so much more!
You get a whole team of experts working with you on a long term. It’s a smooth and transforming road we are about to hit! Not to mention, most of the time we are also having fun along the way!
We call it a peaceful revolution, a natural and pleasant one, that unveils the unique you to bring your dream clients do your door, so you can enjoy your (much deserved) personal and professional happiness.
a little bit more about us
  • We are both from Brazil, born and raised, living in the beautiful and inspiring city of Montreal in Canada.
  • We’ve been altering our residence between SP and MTL for the past 6 years in order to enjoy the best of our lives with family and friends and keep businesses rolling in both cities, and (oh-boy!) it has been fun! Enlightening, inspiring and ultimately: professionally enriching.
  • For the past 3 years we have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world from small business to multinationals always providing one-on-one design and programming solutions. From people to people, that’s kind of our thing!
  • We are always ready to work, we love what we do and wouldn’t change it for nothing! We work very well together and, as you might have guessed, we are partners in business and life!
  • We communicate in Portuguese, english and french, but most of the time the language we speak to each other in all-of-the-above. (It works miracles!)
  • We share our roof with 2 furry dogs, we collect friends, travels and vinyl records.
  • We have been working together for the past 5 years and now we run business in Brazil and Canada.

Official Biographies

Ana Caiado is the Head Designer and Co-Founder of Le Bear Design. She aims her research on design psychology, collective memory and user perception towards Brand Strategy. For the past 8 years, Ana has been focused on the multiple theoretical and practical aspects of one’s Identity, with academic work at University of São Paulo and Concordia University. She was selected by google brazil amongst 2000 designers to participate of the first edition of the design marathon and reality show Google Developer Bus. She holds degrees on Architecture, Design, and Technology.
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Rafael Franciosi is the Process Manager and Co-Funder of Le Bear Design. He has been studying ecosystems and interaction from a biological, technological and individual perspective from the past 10 years. He uses his interdisciplinary knowledge to bridge the gaps between entrepreneurs and technology, building tools and developing methods to speed processes, change behaviours and optimize results for online businesses with the use of technology. He holds degrees on Science, Programming and Management.
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