5 Questions to ask before hiring someone to do your WordPress site


We get WordPress questions all the time, and what’s interesting about WordPress is that there is much much more about it then most people know… so it can be confusing to hire someone to do your website. Aside from all the tech stuff, what code language they use, what are their technique to do SEO, what’s the performance rate of their templates, etc, there are a few things that YOU (as a normal person, not a hacker, not a programmer) can ask your designer/developer before starting your WordPress project.

We listed down below 5 questions you should know before jumping in your next WordPress project

And believe me, asking this questions ahead will give you piece of mind and eliminate surprises (at least, eliminate unpleasant surprises) throughout the process, so here are they:


1. Does this project include design and development of my WordPress site?

To get your website online you need design and development. If you are hiring someone to design, you must take into account that you’ll need to hire someone to code it afterwards (that’s the development phase). If you are hiring someone that is a programmer, you should ask them who will be doing the design phase.

2. Will you be using a predesigned template for my website?

Some designers will work with a base of pre designed templates to be customised for you. It’s ok, but if that’s the case, you should ask who created the template and who will be responsible for updating the template after launch.

3. Will you create an exclusive template for my website?

Some designers will prefer to create an exclusive team for each client (that’s how we do it). It gives you more flexibility and comfort to operate your site. From a coding perspective it’s also cleaner and faster that way.

4. Are there any Design limitations that I should be aware of before we start?

If your designer has a set of pre established WordPress templates for you to choose from, you should be aware of that upfront. If your WordPress theme will be built just for you, you should ask about what are the contract limitations, since in this case there will be no technical limitations.

5. Do you offer code maintenance services the website is launch?

This is a precaution, but it would be ideal to work with someone that offers maintenance services, just is case your website breaks (yes, sometimes, depending on what you do, they break.) Knowing where to run in case of a digital disaster will make your life a lot easier!

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